Top tips for helping the recycling teams

We know the majority of the work is done by the recycling teams, but if we can see it as a partnership we can all help to do it better! So what can we do?

1Keep an eye on the weather! Don’t put your recycling out the night before if it’s going to rain or be windy
2Shut the bag/box carefully, and consider weighing it down so it doesn’t escape and turn into litter
3Rinse out everything as much as possible, and ideally leave it to dry and squash what you can (especially tetrapacks) to help make space in the recycling truck
4Scrunch your (cleanish) tin foil together so that you make a fist sized ball – this is the easiest way for the team to collect it. This is also the one thing in your recycling box that is consistently highly valued and can be recycled infinitely
5Cardboard and paper get recycled in different ways – but both go in the green box. If possible, why not put cardboard up one end, and paper up the other? And your intact glass can then go in the middle – perfect
6 Lids can be left on plastic bottles
7Don’t try and recycle broken glass, tempting as it is. If any shards get into the cardboard, they contaminate it and make it impossible to recycle, so it’s not worth it
8Not all plastic can be recycled. Some plastics actually contaminate the waste stream, meaning whole batches cannot be recycled, so the following things just need to go in your normal household waste:
tablet blister packs can’t go in kerb-side recycling (but some pharmacists collect them for specialist recycling)
plastic film;
polystyrene (the worst thing ever invented in my opinion);
sweet wrappers;
crisp packets (although some schools/charities collect these for recycling);
disposable coffee cups – take them back to the shop!;
carrier bags (use as many times as possible, then supermarkets collect these for recycling, or use them to line your food waste caddy);
9Batteries can be recycled – put them inside a small bag, and pop the bag in your green box
10Textiles and clothes can also be recycled – make sure they are clean and dry, pop in a plastic bag and stick in the green box

Lastly, remember to report on the EDDC app if there are any problems with the recycling collection, and check here to see what can or can’t be recycled – and for all else Waste and Recycling have a peep here.

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